Koinonia (Single's Ministry)

Mission Statement:  To create a sense of unity by participating in the lives of our church families.  Our aim is to work with them individually and in groups; to save our future and save our church.  
About This Ministry:  We are presently working on a book of testimonies.  Prayerfully to be completed by December 2012.  We have a compassion for people and their needs.  We are focused on using our spiritual gifts so that God's presence and love may be reflected inside and outside the church.
 Also, members will become better acquainted with each other in social settings within and outside of the church, thereby bringing a means of socialization to those who are normally reluctant to build any type of relationship. 
 Meeting Dates and Times:  TBA

How Do I Become a Part of This Ministry:  Any single member of the congregation ages 21 and up
Min. JoAnn Locke