Min. Diane Elliott, Minister of Worship
Ministry Philosophy: I believe a healthy church is constantly growing in five areas:
1. Evangelism- Sharing the Good News of Christ with  the lost. I believe in Saturation Evangelism-Use every available means, at every available time, to  teach every available person.
2. Worship- Celebrating God's presence in our lives, and glorifying His name . Worship comes by: Praising the Lord in organized church services and living a lifestyle that brings glory and honor to Jesus Christ.
3. Fellowship- Christians connecting with one another through powerful and authentic relationships. Relationship building comes  by growing in faith together.
4. Discipleship- Teaching Christians God's truth and the necessity of obeying God's Word.
  -The main mode of discipleship comes through a strong Sunday school.
- "Discipleship training " is another great mode of discipleship
- Home Cell Bible Studies during the week help to bring prospects into the church.